Monday, March 15, 2010

It's been a while

Photos of Olivia have been scarce lately because the kids had a break-in and amongst the stolen items were their cameras. Their homeowner's insurance paid the claim but the kids are shopping carefully to replace things.

However, Grammy visited this weekend and here are some new photos of Olivia.

Opening the gardening set from Grammy. Now she can plant her own veggies!

Getting ready to watch the Wizard of Oz, her new favorite movie. She saw a live production last week and Mommy bought her the movie. Already she's traveling to Oz with her little dog and singing about being over the rainbow.

Everyone need a pair of special slippers to travel the yellow brick road, don't they?

Princess jammies and sheets make nighttime special.

Sharing a hug with Grammy before she left for home. After this photo was taken, Olivia donned her tiara and heavy coat for a shopping trip with Daddy who said the folks at Home Depot are always quite taken with Olivia's wardrobe.

More photos

I think they're pretty self-explanatory.