Sunday, March 01, 2009


The grandbaby and her daddy came to visit for the weekend. One of daddy's friends from high school was back in town and he made us play with Olivia while he visited. Isn't he mean? ::grin::

We woke today to an inch of snow on the ground. Olivia begged to go outside, but she had to be properly dressed. See? Pink straw hat, pink gloves, sunglasses and her pink and green tote. It's the perfect outfit for an inch of Alabama snow.

For some strange reason she was afraid of the snow. She took two or three steps in it and then burst into tears, begging me to pick her up. She behaved the same way around sand at the beach last year, so maybe this too shall pass. We only get snow about once a decade, so she may be a teenager before we find out if her fear of snow (AKA chionophobia ) has passed.

Safe from the snow in daddy's arms.

Here's another of the two of us, warm and snuggly on the couch with Baby Sarah between us.

I have to tell you that this Grammy gig is just the best thing ever.